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Terms and Conditions

  1. Fencing weapons must be carried point down or in a fencing bag.
  2. Minors may not hold blades unless they are wearing masks.
  3. Warm up stretches are required before a lesson or practice.
  4. No running is permitted without the coach’s permission and never with a blade.
  5. A mask, glove, fencing jacket, knickers, and athletic shoes must be worn while fencing. No jeans, shorts, sweatpants or casual pants are allowed.
  6. No type of movement with the blade is allowed if any person within 6 feet of the action is unmasked.
  7. When fencing especially in a group, a student may not under any circumstances remove a mask while another fencer’s blade point is raised or when other fencers are making any type of movement with their blades.
  8. Walking or standing close to fencers in a bout or while practicing, when blade points are raised or blades are in motion is prohibited.
  9. Unsportsmanlike behavior, horseplay (falling down), or improper rough or strong movements, whether intentional or not, are prohibited and will result in expulsion.
  10. Intentional destruction of property will result in expulsion and loss of tuition.
  11. Each fencer has a duty to report any unsafe activity to the coach.
  12. Any illness, injury or the taking of medication must be reported to the instructor before a lesson or practice.
  13. No participation while under the influence of medicines which cause drowsiness or disorientation.
  1. You represent that you are in good physical condition, have no physical or mental health problems that will preclude your participation in fencing activities. Specifically, you represent that you have no underlying cardiovascular, neurological or any other illness that will prevent or inhibit your participation in fencing classes in the same manner as a participant without such conditions.
  2. You fully understand and agree that in participating in any fencing program, there is the possibility of accident, injury or disability. You agree to assume these risks and release and discharge the owner and operators of Kids Can Fence, the United States Fencing Association and sponsors of the premises, activities, etc, and their respective servants, agents, officers and all other participants in the stated activities of and from all claims, demands, actions and causes of action of any sort, for member’s participation in the stated activities.
  3. You give consent to Kids Can Fence and its representatives to obtain medical care at your expense from any licensed physician, hospital, or clinic for you and/or the above mentioned student for any injury or illness that may arise during activities associated with Kids Can Fence
  4. You agree to abide Kids Can Fence safety rules.
  5. You agree to replace and/or give the equivalent monetary compensation to the intentional or unintentional destruction of property on the premises or within the premises where KCF conducts classes.
  6. You understand KCF reserves the right to change safety rules and legal notices without prior notice.
  I accept the Terms and Conditions.